Safety Plan

Safety Plan

If you are living in an abusive relationship, denying or minimizing the abuse is dangerous. It usually gets worse over time. Plan what you will do in a crisis.

The most important thing is to make sure that you and your children are safe. Some important tips to help you plan for your safety are:

  • If you do not have a vehicle, keep enough money for a taxi in a safe place. If you donít have any money and need to get to the shelter, we will send a taxi to get you.
  • Plan your escape route: decide in advance where to go (friend, relative, motel, shelter).
  • If possible plan to leave when your partner is not home.
  • Prepare your children by talking about the importance of safety. Teach older children to call 911 or a relative, or a friend when they hear or see violence happening to you.
  • Take your children with you, if you can. This helps ensure the childrenís physical safety. See a lawyer as soon as possible about arranging custody of the children.
  • Plan ahead for the care of your pets or let us know and we will help you arrange for the care of your pets.
  • Work out a code word to use on the phone with someone you trust if you are in danger.

Safety Kit

Gather together the following items for you and your children:

  • Identification
  • Birth certificates for you and your children
  • Health cards for you and your children
  • Social insurance card
  • School and medical records
  • Money, bank books, credit cards
  • Keys
  • Driverís license, insurance, registration
  • Medication and prescriptions for you and your children
  • Passport, immigration papers, citizenship papers
  • Mortgage information, house deed, lease or rental agreement, insurance papers
  • Address book and list of important phone numbers
  • Pictures, jewellery, personal items of sentimental value
  • Childrenís favourite toys, blankets
  • Any legal document; separation agreement, divorce papers, restraining order

Store all of the above with a trusted friend or in a safe place so they can be packed in a hurry

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