Our Philosophy

Commitment to & involvement with intersectional feminism and the anti-violence movement

As a feminist organization, Huronia Transition Homes supports, integrates and promotes anti-racism and anti-oppression throughout our programs and our communities. As a method of analysis, feminism is also a commitment and a perspective that puts women first - working towards women's equality in all areas of society. Our work is implemented using an intersectional feminist framework and understanding of violence against women.

Intersectional feminism recognizes how social location and identity impacts and compounds lived experiences of power, privilege and oppression.

The term "intersectionality" was coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989, and is now at the forefront of much feminist discourse throughout society. Increase your understanding of intersectionality through the links provided under our "learning centre" tab on our website.

We bring a harm reduction philosophy to our work. This means we meet people where they are at with compassion, respect and understanding in relation to substance use and other coping mechanisms. It has been widely proven that harm reduction fosters low barrier service, leads to safer communities and and we advocate for this by engaging with and encouraging our communities to adopt a harm reduction philosophy and framework for service delivery.

Kathy Willis, Executive Director of Huronia Transition Homes, discusses the importance and value of Harm Reduction in this video: Harm Reduction Video For more information click on the "learning centre" tab on our website, or visit canadianharmreduction.com

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