Take Back the Night 2024 

May 2nd, 2024 at the Barrie Rotunda in City Hall at 6pm

Take Back the Night is a protest, rally, and march that demands an end to sexual assault and gender-based violence. First brought to the streets in Vancouver, Canada in 1978, Take Back the Night continues annually across the country and internationally to protest violence against women in all forms. 

We march to raise our voices. Violence against women must end.

We march to take back the night, to move safely through our communities.

We march in solidarity to show our support for equity, safety, and autonomy for all peoples, recognizing the oppression of women as interconnected with all forms of oppression.

To learn more about the scope of violence against women in Ontario, please visit OAITH to view their monthly femicide tracking in the province, annual femicide lists, reports and additional resources.





  • Come to the rally on May 2 - connect with community organizations who will be present, listen to the speakers, and enjoy some free food
  • Make a poster to carry with you in the march
  • March with us through downtown Barrie after the rally
  • Follow, like, and share our posts on social media - use the hashtags #TBTN2024 #athenasTBTN #TBTNbarrie



TBD. Check back soon.


We would like to thank our amazing donors for their contributions to this years event. Coming together to enjoy food has been an important element to the TBTN event since its inception, and we are overjoyed to continue this tradition with the help and support of our community.


Around My Gluten Free Table



Have some questions about the event? Contact the organizer here.