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Women’s Words:

“Staff go out of their way to assist with problems that we face — like the way they are open and really listen. Thank you ladies, you are the best!”

“The Crisis Counsellors are amazing.”

“All the women that work here do such a terrific job making people as comfortable as possible. They are so open-minded and non-judgemental.”

“The number one thing for sure is the positive feed back. It really made me feel good about myself after talking about my feelings with the ladies (counsellors). “

“I think the women here working generally care for the well-being of the women here and it shows. They all listen and have a good knowledge of their positions. I was quite impressed.”

“I want to thank all the counsellors that took their time to provide me a safe and comforting place to be.”

“I liked the way they congratulated me on my acceptance to college.”

Outreach Support Groups:

“I felt very welcome and respected by the facilitators. They recognized my individual needs and were able to help meet them within the group.”

“Being able to feel less alone helps me to gain strength and courage to go forward with my life.”

“Awareness has entered my life. I am responsible for my feelings and I am learning to live my life through me and not anyone else!”

“Thank you for giving us a safe, caring place to come to heal and move forward with our own life journey. I look on Rosewood as my safe haven. You have helped me restore my foundation to rebuild me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“I felt I was no longer alone.”

“You have really helped me open up. I feel a new release from my past.”

“ I feel more comfortable with myself.”

“I feel more positive than I did coming into it.”


Poem written for our Choices for Children group facilitator:

I knew that if we came to you,
We’d find our strength, and make it through,
That you were someone warm and kind,
With whom we’d share what’s in our mind.

For it could not be anyone,
We needed to bring back the sun!
And your love shines enough to heal,
Emotions that we “All” do feel.

You’ve taught us what we need to know,
And now it’s time for us to go.
And we will cherish memories of,
The moments when we shared
Our Love.

We know the feelings we can bare,
Cause you gave time and space to care
With Apples piled up so high,
We’ll always know that we’ll get by
Any every challenge that we face,
Like “leaping frogs”, we’ll win the race
And nurturing will be a sinch,
within the “Peaceful Labyrinth”

We’ll make it out of chocolate,
And invite friends that we have met
We’ll always know the path we take
Is filled with “choices” we can make.