What is Abuse?

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Abuse is the attempt by one person to control another using fear, violence or intimidation.

Abuse is not just physical. It may also be emotional, sexual and financial.

Physical Abuse

  • Punching, kicking, shoving or dragging
  • Slapping, biting or pulling your hair
  • Holding you against your will
  • Using a weapon or other objects to threaten or hurt you

Emotional Abuse

  • Threatening to take your children away from you
  • Threatening to commit suicide or murder
  • Threatening to withdraw immigration sponsorship or to have you deported
  • Controlling your time, what you do, how you dress and how you wear your hair
  • Always swearing at you, calling you crazy, fat, dumb and stupid

Sexual Abuse is:

  • Sexual acts with children
  • Not letting you say “no” to sex
  • Unwanted touching
  • Rape
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Forcing you to watch pornography

Financial Abuse

  • Controlling how you spend money, where you work
  • Spending all family money including your money or savings
  • Using credit cards without your permission; destroying your credit rating
  • Forcing you to turn over your benefit payments
  • Forcing you to account for every penny

It is a crime to abuse someone physically or sexually!