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Our Philosophy

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Commitment to & Involvement with  intersectional feminism and the Anti-Violence Movement  

HTH supports, adopts and promotes an intersectional feminist analysis of violence against women and their children.

Feminism is a method of analysis and work, a commitment and a perspective that puts women first.

Intersectional feminism analyses how our different identities play into our lived experiences with power, privilege and oppression. The following diagram explains how intersectionality works, with the person being where all of their identities interact with one another to form their lived reality:

Intersectionality- Diagram

HTH as a feminist organization supports and advocates a commitment to anti-racism/anti-oppression work.

Commitment to Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is a practical, non-judgmental set of strategies to reduce individual and community harm caused by drug use. It involves steps to reduce harm.

Huronia Transition Homes makes every effort to meet a woman “where she’s at” with her drug use without judgement or expectations.  We strive to make the conditions of drug use safer for women and their children.

Executive Director Kathy Willis discusses the importance and value of Harm Reduction model in this video: Harm Reduction Video

For more information, visit http://canadianharmreduction.com/index.php