About Us

Our Mission and Aims

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We believe that all violence against all women and children must end.

We are community members who are committed to education and advocacy as a means to end violence.

We are also committed to providing shelter and support to abused women and their children and to provide counselling to women survivors of sexual assault.


  • We will make every attempt to understand and respect women’s diverse life experiences and the impact of violence on their lives. We will work with the women we serve to achieve their goals.
  • We will continue to educate ourselves and our community on issues of oppression and liberation. This will lead to social change and to an end to violence against women.
  • We will continuously monitor and evaluate our organization to ensure that our beliefs are being lived.
  • In an attempt to reduce the negative impact of power imbalances we will share information, resources and knowledge with the women we serve.
  • We will strive to make our properties and services more physically, geographically, linguistically, culturally and financially accessible to the women we serve.