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We are getting a little provincial help in our attempts to grow!

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Midland's Rosewood shelter gets provincial help for Operation Grow

The Ontario Ministry of the Status of Women has provided HTH, which operates La Maison Rosewood shelter in Midland, $430,000 for its Operation Grow project.

HTH has partnered with ZipGrow Canada to create a “vertical farm,” which allows produce to be grown on movable racks with minimal use of water.

The project will give employment opportunities to some of the women the shelter helps as well as providing fresh produce at a low cost.

According to Rosewood executive director Kathy Willis, Operation Grow has a threefold aim: breaking down social isolation, providing employment opportunities and reducing food insecurity.

“We’ve wanted to do a social enterprise like this for a long time,” she said. “We looked at several business opportunities and none of them quite fit. But this concept of growing food seems like a great idea.”

Operation Grow will occupy the former LCBO location at 436 Bay St., breathing new life into the long-dormant site.

Willis said she expects Operation Grow to be up and running by mid-July.

“It’s pretty exciting,” she said. “I think Operation Grow will do a lot of good in helping a lot of people in our community.”

Check out the article in the Midland Mirror by clicking here.

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