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Take Back the Night 2015

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On September 17th  Athena’s Sexual Assault Counselling & Advocacy Centre hosted  its annual Take Back the Night rally and march. The event united over 250 women and children to demand an end to violence against women.

Take Back the Night is an international protest and direct action making visible and realizing women’s’ universal right to live without fear and violence.  The strength of the event comes through the collective voices of women and children, taking action and refusing to accept violence as an inevitable part of our existence

Kathy Willis, Executive Director of Huronia Transition Homes calls for direct action from community members stating “Every year we march we hope it will be our last, that our shelters will no longer be filled, and that our sexual assault counselling will no longer be required. In order for this to change, as a community we must disrupt all violence against all women, and demand that our peers and leaders promote and stand up for women’s equality. Violence cannot coexist with equality”.

As a protest, Take Back the Night empowers women to claim their space and walk freely through the streets at night. The event is symbolic of women acting in solidarity, calling out for a world free from violence, and demanding social accountability for equality.

 Take Back the Night also celebrates women’s accomplishments and achievements. This year’s event features live music by The Rip Nancies, and a speech by Kathy Willis, along with snacks and refreshments. The march was led by activist, performer and musician Faith Nolan. 

For pictures of this years event please click here. 

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