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Seeking Members for our Board of Directors

Do you think violence against women is a problem within our community?

Do you believe we have to be working towards ending all violence against all women?

Do you want to be part of the change?

Through the last 30 years Huronia Transition Homes has worked in Simcoe County providing services to women who have experienced violence, and advocating to end violence. For more information on our programs and philosophy of service please visit our webpage at

Help us end all violence against all women by leading our organization, and becoming a member of our dynamic board of directors.

We are currently seeking Board Members who possess one or more of the following qualities:

-       Strong community networks

-       Business acumen

-       Entrepreneurial skills

-       Legal or human resources experience

-       A passion for feminist activism

Please express your interest to our Director of Operations- Jane Little by:


Fax: 705-526-0343

Mail:   P.O Box C.P 54

Midland ON


Take Back the Night 2015

On September 17th  Athena’s Sexual Assault Counselling & Advocacy Centre hosted  its annual Take Back the Night rally and march. The event united over 250 women and children to demand an end to violence against women.

Take Back the Night is an international protest and direct action making visible and realizing women’s’ universal right to live without fear and violence.  The strength of the event comes through the collective voices of women and children, taking action and refusing to accept violence as an inevitable part of our existence

Kathy Willis, Executive Director of Huronia Transition Homes calls for direct action from community members stating “Every year we march we hope it will be our last, that our shelters will no longer be filled, and that our sexual assault counselling will no longer be required. In order for this to change, as a community we must disrupt all violence against all women, and demand that our peers and leaders promote and stand up for women’s equality. Violence cannot coexist with equality”.

As a protest, Take Back the Night empowers women to claim their space and walk freely through the streets at night. The event is symbolic of women acting in solidarity, calling out for a world free from violence, and demanding social accountability for equality.

 Take Back the Night also celebrates women’s accomplishments and achievements. This year’s event features live music by The Rip Nancies, and a speech by Kathy Willis, along with snacks and refreshments. The march was led by activist, performer and musician Faith Nolan. 

For pictures of this years event please click here. 

Video Explaining the French Language Services Agreement

Our organization has worked hard on developing a video explaining the French Language Services Agreement between the five womens’ shelters in Simcoe County, Colibri centre des femmes francophones du comté de Simcoe and Huronia Transition Homes.

This video is intended for service providers within the violence against women sector in Simcoe County to help clarify the nature of the French language services agreement in the region.

To see the video please click here. 

Our organization also created a short video intended for service users, explaining how women survivors of violence in Simcoe County will have an active offer to receive services in French.

To see this video please click here.  

Thank you to the Ministry of Community & Social Services 2014-2015 Canada-Ontario agreement on French Language Services for funding this project.